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An interview: Randal’s memoirs

Last year, DLi Client Randal embarked on a journey of self-reflection and expression by writing his memoirs with the assistance of volunteer Dilshara as his scribe. Randal’s memoirs capture the essence of his life experiences, accomplishments, and cherished memories, not to mention his notoriously fun and cheeky sense of humour. In this interview, we delve into Randal’s motivations for writing his life story, and his experience working with Dilshara as he shares his favourite memories.


Randal, what made you want to write down your life story?

There were things that I won’t get to say again to certain people like my Dad (who recently passed away) and my good mate Glen (who passed away)


What was it like working with a DLi Volunteer, Dilshara (who scribed your story)?

She was great, and it was fun to have her around for my story. She put heaps of effort into making sure it was just right.


What is your favourite memory featured in your memoir and why?

Riding my Ducati and driving Kenworth trucks for Collins Transport – both gave me much enjoyment and fulfilment.


Would you recommend other clients take on a project like this? Why?

Yes, others should get a chance to express themselves.


Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Working with Dilshara was excellent. She was easy to talk to and understood what I wanted to achieve. I like that my book brings smiles to other people when they read it.


Randal’s decision to document his life story proved to be a deeply meaningful and fulfilling endeavour. With the assistance of volunteer Dilshara, his memoirs now serve as a reminder of the triumphs and memorable moments he gained throughout his life. By sharing his story, Randal hopes to inspire and encourage other clients to embark on their own creative projects, fostering personal growth and leaving a lasting impact on those who have the opportunity to read their stories.


Featured in the June 2023 Client Newsletter  – Here