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Client Reference Committee

A voice for you

Making DLi a better place

The formation of the Client Reference Committee (CRC) is based on our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and client engagement.

We firmly believe that involving clients in decision-making is essential for delivering services that meet their needs and make DLi a better place. By creating a structured and focused environment, the CRC provides a platform for clients to offer their experiences, insights, and unique perspectives to help us better understand the needs of our clients and make more informed decisions.

Under the guidance of an Executive Management Team member and a second DLi representative, the CRC serves as a platform for open and honest discussions.

Meetings encourage active engagement and collaboration among the group members, enabling them to share the feedback provided by their peers and support networks and their thoughts, concerns, and ideas related to DLi’s service delivery.

Through respectful dialogue, the CRC provides and develops meaningful recommendations to the Board and Management to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional support.

How to provide your feedback and input

Are you an existing client and want to provide your thoughts, suggestions and feedback to the committee?

You can do so by:

  • Reaching out to one of the Client Reference Committee members directly
  • Speak with your Support Worker or Team Leader on site
  • Call or speak with one of the Client Engagement Team on 8132 5400

They will make sure your feedback is documented and sent to the committee for discussion at their next meeting.

Email your feedback to the CRC


Our Client Representatives

  • Corey H

    CRC Member

    Corey has a passion for public speaking and getting involved through volunteering and performing arts.

  • Stephen J

    CRC Member

    Stephen works at Bedford in the packaging department three days a week and has done so for the past 14 years.

  • Mark B

    CRC member

    Whether doing the weekly shopping or catching the bus, Mark enjoys his independence. Every Sunday, you will find Mark bowling a few strikes in the Noarlunga Ten Pin Bowling competition.

Our Purpose

To increase the inclusion and participation of people with a disability, to provide thoughtful advice and recommendations from a client’s perspective that can inform DLi about service delivery and delivering excellent person-centred care.

Our Objectives

  • To provide advice and recommendations on opportunities or issues presented about service delivery and access, policy and plans, recruitment, rostering, and community participation programs.
  • To provide advice and recommendations on the review and implementation of person-centred care improvements across DLi.
  • To discuss, formulate, and forward well-developed, thoughtful recommendations to DLi in a timely manner.
  • To have input/say into processes relevant to the provision of supports and the protection of participant rights.

Our Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference define the purpose, objectives, and requirements of the committee. To view and download, choose from the two options below

View our Terms of Reference here

View our Easy Read Terms of Reference here

How do I join the CRC

Are you an existing client and want to join the committee?

It’s not too late! There are still positions available for Clients who may be interested in joining the Client Reference Committee, so if you’re interested in finding out more or are keen to join,  reach out to your Team Leader, Support Worker, Client Engagement team member or email the committee directly to express your interest.

Apply to join the CRC
People having fun in a group People having fun in a group

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