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How can we support you?

From Accommodation to Therapy services, we can help assist you with your choices. Our team takes a great deal of pride in getting to know one another to ensure each participant has choice and control over the individually tailored services we provide.


Supported and Independent Living

If you have Exploring Housing Options and Supported Independent Living included in your NDIS plan, we can support you to develop a 24/7 roster of person-centred care in your own home, a rental property, or one of our established group housing sites. We understand that this is a big decision, so we want you to feel supported and comfortable through the process.

Our experienced team of Community Support Workers are qualified in high-level health needs, medication management, personal care, and psycho-social support.

Short and Medium Term

We have several locations across metropolitan Adelaide offering Short and Medium Term Accommodation for Children, Youth and people over 18 with low-level needs. Whether it’s a short getaway, a transitional arrangement, or emergency accommodation, our welcoming and home away from home environments offer flexible, person-centred support and a stable and secure place to develop and learn, rest and rejuvenate, or determine your next steps in life.

In-home Support

Looking for a few hours a day or round the clock support? We provide a range of in-home services for people living in their family home or independently. Our experienced Community Support Workers are qualified in high-level health needs, medication management, personal care, and social support. We work closely with you to discuss individual goals and develop support strategies to fit naturally into your day-to-day life.

  • Adults, young adults and children
  • Specially selected staff matched to your needs
  • Flexible around your schedule

Therapy Services

Providing a state of the art, client-driven Therapy Space, DLi offers a service unlike any other in Australia. Our industry-leading team of Developmental Educators support each client by providing individualised learning strategies and positive outcomes for persons aged 7- 65+ years. Our team also work with your support staff to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of person-centred approaches and positive behaviour intervention.

The team boasts a range of specialisations, including:

  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Skill Development
  • Tailored Support Plans
  • Goal planning
  • Positive interpersonal skills
  • Community Inclusion
  • Transition support into a new home, work settings or education setting
  • Management and reduction of restrictive practices
  • Individual skills development programs
  • Consultative approach to managing complex behaviours, education, and employment.

Community Participation

Great friendships and great relationships lead to a great life, and we have several Community Inclusion services that keep our community healthy, happy and engaged. This flexible and self-directed support encourages people to explore and engage in all aspects of mainstream life through social and community experiences. Support can occur within the home or out in the community and encourages the development of daily life skills and greater independence. We take the time to find the right staff member for you.

Programs include Interconnect, ExploreAbility, Camps and mentoring with a focus on:

  • 1:1 Tailored support
  • Linking to the community
  • Building independence
  • Supporting lifestyle and skills
  • Assistance with daily activities

Schedule of Rates

View the latest Schedule of Rates and FAQs information below.


Schedule of Rates (PDF)

Schedule of Rates FAQ (PDF)

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