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Lifestyle and Community Participation

Our LCP services


(Low-support group activities)

If you are looking for low-support centre or community-based group activities and events, SociAbility is ideal for people aged 13-17 and 18+.

SociAbility is a great way for low-support participants to meet new people or catch up with friends whilst engaging in activities that align with their interests, build their skills, engage in social connection and, above all, a perfect opportunity to have fun.

Group options include (click the links to find out more):


Download the SociAbility Brochure


(High-support group activities)

If you are looking for group-based activities and events for high-support participants, ExploreAbility provides 1:1 or 2:1 individualised support in a group setting to promote learning opportunities through centre and community-based activities for people aged 13-17 and 18+.

Activities are aimed at promoting learning and development through communication, friendship, and having fun.

Options include: (click the links below to find out more)

Our qualified staff are experienced in high-level health needs, medication management, personal care, and behavioural support and will be on hand to guide participants through the day. 


View our ExploreAbility Brochure


(1:1 individual support/mentoring)

Our flexible and self-directed support encourages people to engage in all aspects of mainstream life through social and community experiences and promotes the development of daily life skills and greater independence.

LiveAbility is a 1:1 tailored ‘Capacity Boosting’ service, connecting individuals aged 13 to 65+ to their community.

Examples include:

  • Public transport skills building
  • Fitness for recreation and health i.e. attending gym classes together
  • Shopping for fun and skills building – money management, budget planning, decision making
  • Special Occasion events – travel logistics, planning and preparation support, sleepovers
  • LiveAbility GetAways – overnight skill building and respite support to stay at your booked accommodation.
  • Medical appointments – travel, emotional support, note-taking
  • Hobbies and special interest facilitation

We support participants and encourage individuals to build confidence, social skills, awareness, and skill development, allowing them to identify areas for growth, expand their interests and achieve their goals.  

Support starts from as little as two (2) hours at a time; however,  if you would like less than two hours of support on a regular non-time-sensitive basis, we will work with you to provide tailored services that meet your needs.

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