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Terms of use of our website

DLi believes in the inherent right of people with disabilities to have choice and control over their lives and support their right to be active citizens, enabling them to participate fully in the community. Our website and social media accounts aim to reflect our organisational values and mission.

This website and associated social media accounts are used to share knowledge and build capacity for their users. Accordingly, the material on both our website and social media accounts are produced in good faith and should be considered general in nature. DLi cannot assure that the information you disclose on social media will not be seen or used by third parties.

We strongly believe in an individual’s right to choice and control. Accordingly, DLi’s website and social media accounts should not be considered to advocate for a particular course of action.

Material on this site comes from various sources and authors, including staff members, volunteers, clients, supporters, and other organisations. DLi does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by contributors to the website and encourages you to consult independent professional advice when evaluating online content.

DLi does not accept any liability for any actions taken in response to the content featured on any of its online platforms, including but not limited to errors or omissions in the information.