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David’s Love of Music

David’s passion for music is a flame that burns brightly in his heart. Every day, he is surrounded by his beloved CDs, playing his favourite tracks with enthusiasm that is impossible to ignore.

From the legendary John Farnham to the iconic Michael Jackson, David’s world and music are inseparable, like bees buzzing around a flower. The sheer joy as he cranks up his lounge room stereo is a sight to behold.

One of David’s absolute favourite pastimes is embarking on an adventure to JB-HiFi, where he eagerly combs through the CD racks in search of musical gems yet to take pride of place in his extensive collection. The anticipation of discovering a new melody or a fresh beat is like a treasure hunt.

Recently, David decided to combine his musical quest with preparations for his upcoming birthday barbecue. With the ever-supportive Lainie by his side, they ventured out for a delightful afternoon of shopping and bonding. JB-HiFi was on the agenda, and David’s excitement was unmistakable.

As David browsed through the aisles, it wasn’t long before he stumbled upon a shiny new Elton John CD. Holding it, he knew this addition would complement his collection.

With the barbecue plans all set and ready to roll, David arrived home, unpacked his new purchase and began to sing along to Elton John’s tunes.

A few days later, David’s birthday barbecue arrived, and it was nothing short of fantastic. Surrounded by the warmth of his family in his beautiful courtyard, David’s musical selections filled the air, setting the perfect backdrop for a day filled with laughter and joy. It was a brilliant celebration that showcased David’s passion for music and spreading happiness to all those fortunate enough to share in his world.