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Exploring the Zoo with ExploreAbility

In this beautiful stretch of perfect weather, an adventure in the great outdoors beckoned, and what better destination for the ExploreAbility group than the Adelaide Zoo, a haven of exotic creatures and picturesque surroundings?

The group embarked on a fascinating journey as they wandered the various animal enclosures. Thanks to their dedicated 1:1 support, our intrepid explorers could set their own pace, taking all the time they needed to immerse themselves in the world of their favourite animals. Witnessing the majestic giraffes being fed was undoubtedly a highlight, and the comical antics of the meerkats at the enclosure’s base added an unexpected and joyous twist to the experience.

As the sun continued to shine, everyone eagerly anticipated more upcoming adventures with the ExploreAbility group. The possibilities were endless, and the fun was bound to continue.

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