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It’s Showtime!

With Spring’s colourful blossoms came the Royal Adelaide Show, a much-anticipated event for many in Adelaide. For friends Greg, Tracy, Natasha, and Cindy, it was an annual adventure they looked forward to with great excitement. The Wayville Showgrounds opened its gates, welcoming them into an afternoon of carnival delights that catered to all.

Tracy and Greg started their day by making their way through vibrant displays, taking time to soak up the lively atmosphere. They couldn’t resist the temptation of the famous curly potato fries on a stick – a treat that never fails to delight their taste buds. Of course, no Royal Show experience would be complete without a round of Laughing Clowns. Amidst the cheerful chaos of the carnival, they tested their luck, aiming for high scores and the most enormous stuffed toys you’ve ever seen. The bustling crowds only added to the thrill of their adventure, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for fun.

Natasha, accompanied by her LiveAbility Support Worker Kate, embarked on a different journey to meet some of the show’s cuddliest critters. Along the way, they crossed paths with eccentric side-show characters, adding charm to their day. After a delightful encounter with a Mario plush toy collectable named “Toad,” they hopped aboard the Ferris Wheel. A breathtaking view of the showgrounds and the South parklands surrounded them as they neared the top.

Meanwhile, Cindy, on her adventure, headed straight to the bustling showbags hall. Her excitement burst as she secured a couple of her most prized showbags before they disappeared from the shelves. She also tried her hand at several sideshow games and, to her delight, emerged victorious with a fabulous Pink Cowboy hat courtesy of the Laughing Clowns.

This year’s Royal Adelaide Show was a sensory delight, with sights and sounds that left everyone in awe. The planners had thoughtfully incorporated accessible and inclusive features, making the show a fantastic annual event for people of all abilities. It was a day of shared laughter, adventure, and cherished memories, reminding everyone that fun knows no bounds at the Royal Adelaide Show.