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New LCP activities go live in March

Zone Bowling

Have you heard about our new Lifestyle and Community Participation programs and activities?

At the end of 2022 our Lifestyle & Community Participation programs were relaunched,  offering you more opportunities to socialise with others who share the same interests, plus various activities to meet your goals, build your skills and make new friends. So, here’s a quick overview of the programs we have on offer: 

  • LiveAbility– A personalised stream for individuals looking to develop daily life skills and greater independence, including personalised getaways. Services can occur in your home or out in the community
  • SociAbility –  A stream for low-support groups that offers centre-based or community-based programs and getaways. This is an ideal way to meet new people and catch up with friends whilst engaging in activities that align with your interests and goals. (For the types of programs on offer, click here
  • ExploreAbility – A group-based stream for high-support individuals that offers centre-based or community-based programs and getaways. This stream is an excellent opportunity to practice skills through leisure and recreational activities. Small group activities get you out and about, having fun and learning new things with that extra support. We are also introducing 1-night getaways in 2023! (For the types of programs on offer, click here)


With a full calendar of activities and dates due to go live this month, save the link and keep a close eye on our online events calendar to pick and express your interest in activities that align with you.

Program Calendar  View our upcoming activities