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SIL clients creating great friendships


Meet Tracy and Greg, a couple of our SIL clients who live only a few streets away from each other in DLi accommodation in Semaphore. Since being introduced, the two have forged a wonderful friendship and regularly catch up to go for a walk around the neighbourhood or get out together for a special outing.

Their favorite pastimes include going out for coffee and lunch together, exploring the adorable animals at the pet shop, and going on leisurely drives. They also share a passion for shopping, taking walks at the playground, and knocking down pins at the bowling alley.

But what makes their friendship even more extraordinary is the way they support and connect with each other.

Tracy is usually accompanied by DLi Community Support Worker Renae once a fortnight for a walk to Greg’s house, where they enjoy a warm cup of coffee and catch up. Tracy’s pace may be slower on most occasions, but when she visits Greg, her excitement takes over, and she walks super fast!

Although Greg doesn’t communicate verbally, he has found his own unique way of communication. Through expressive noises and gestures, he forms a special bond with Tracy, sharing their thoughts and feelings in a way that works well for them.

When they meet, Tracy and Greg exchange a big, warm hug, radiating their genuine affection for each other.

Tracy and Greg’s bond reminds us all of the beauty of true friendship. Let’s celebrate their extraordinary connection and the joy they bring to each other’s lives!

If you or someone you care for are looking for SIL accommodation that provides more than just a home but an opportunity to meet new people and build lifelong connections with others who share similar passions and interests, reach out to us today on 8132 5400 to find out how we can help.